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Other at 1504 Gatewood Rd

Tree down in backyard. Damaged fence to natural area.
OPENED over 5 years ago #16-00009183

Other at 9304 River Rd

This is a request to have the bushes cut down to improve the visibility of the James River while using the pavilion in the park. The area of concern is located to the left of Fort Fun. The view has been blocked for years.Thanks!
OPENED over 5 years ago #16-00005171
Other at 9304 River Rd

Street Repairs at 13400 Jefferson Ave

In turn lane before 7-11 driveway. Previously reported large area of pavement sinking and cracked a month ago. Problem was not fixed and there are now several large potholes in the turn lane and surrounding pavement is cracking further an...
OPENED over 5 years ago #15-00038719

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