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Traffic Signals at 4800 Roanoke Ave

Traffic light out
CLOSED about 4 hours ago #23-00002200

Traffic Signals at 298 Thorncliff Dr

The traffic light never gives a protected green turning into Stoneybrook Shopping Center from Warwick Blvd WB
CLOSED 7 days ago #23-00001704

Traffic Signals at 10211 Jefferson Ave

4am keeps changing to red for a long period of time with no one around the turn lights no one there
CLOSED 14 days ago #22-00042924

Traffic Signals at 715 Wilcox Ln

The light at Willcox and Jefferson is not changing it started yesterday afternoon
CLOSED 14 days ago #23-00000606
Traffic Signals at 715 Wilcox Ln

Traffic Signals at 628 Valley Forge Dr

Since traffic lights at intersection of village green pkwy and oyster point rd were swapped recently the timing is very short. The traffic leaving village green has about 7 seconds before going red causing traffic backups.
CLOSED 20 days ago #23-00001556

Traffic Signals at 11004 Jefferson Ave

Traffic light changes to red for no reason at 4am within one minute intervals
CLOSED 24 days ago #22-00046374

Traffic Signals at 3920 Marshall Ave

Updated open SR 1735 - NSS
CLOSED 27 days ago #22-00003143

Traffic Signals at 4600 Washington Ave

Need new traffic signal installed
CLOSED 27 days ago #21-00030674

Traffic Signals at 11314 Jefferson Ave

Already reported. See 45142.
CLOSED about 1 month ago #22-00045148

Traffic Signals at 563 Bland Blvd

Traffic signal for the left turn on westbound Bland Blvd at Chatham Dr isn't cycling.
CLOSED 2 months ago #22-00040937

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