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Other at 3208 Marshall Ave

Raw sewage issue and is leaking onto public sidewalk
CLOSED about 1 hour ago #21-00038151
Other at 3208 Marshall Ave

Other at 113 River Birch Ct

311 Notes - NSS
CLOSED 1 day ago #21-00037298

Other at 854 Yorkshire Ln

Waste Water Clean Out plate is DANGEROUSLY LOOSE and keeps popping open if accidentally stepped on. THIS IS DANGEROUS FOR ANYONE. Especially if they aren't paying attention or if kids happen to be playing in the area. Please repair ASA...
CLOSED 5 days ago #21-00035762
Other at 854 Yorkshire Ln

Other at 1047 36 Th St

Dead tree limbs and debris; submitted request to Codes Compliance to investigate, REQ-2021-003603
CLOSED 6 days ago #21-00041104
Other at 1047 36 Th St

Other at 3410 Roanoke Ave

Bushes overgrowth hanging over sidewalk areas; submitted a property maintenance request for Codes Compliance, REQ-2021-003601 - NSS
CLOSED 6 days ago #21-00041085
Other at 3410 Roanoke Ave

Other at 707 Riverside Dr

Newport News residents who pay the Solid Waste User Fee can drop off old lawnmowers, weed eaters, or any other lawn equipment to the Recovery Operations Center at 520 Atkinson Blvd free of charge. Hours of operation are Monday - Saturday...
CLOSED 7 days ago #21-00040817

Other at 14 Saxon Ln

There is no city ordinance that will give you permission to trim your neighbors tree that hangs over onto your property. You will need to speak with your neighbor and explain what you would like to do and get their permission. If you have...
CLOSED 8 days ago #21-00040558
Other at 14 Saxon Ln

Other at 803 Mccrae Dr

Email sent to citizen.
CLOSED 19 days ago #21-00039403

Other at 304 St Michaels Way

Duplicate. SR#39038.
CLOSED 21 days ago #21-00039037

Other at 608 Lafayette Ter

For speeding concerns, please contact Central Precinct at 757-591-4978 to request patrol check, have officers run radar during the hours of when vehicles are speeding.
CLOSED 25 days ago #21-00038592

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