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Other at 49 Main St

Loose dead branches in city trees. The trees between the street and sidewalk have a lot of branches that look like they are going to fall. Several large branches have fallen in the past month.
OPENED 1 day ago #17-00023720

Other at 416 Pin Oak Rd

The water has been smelling and tasting bad, chemical and hard, the past three days or so.
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 2 days ago #17-00023459

Other at 205 Faith Ave

Bulk trash in street 10 days early
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 6 days ago #17-00022716

Other at 306 Charity Ln

Yard waste out 10 days early
OPENED 10 days ago #17-00022715

Other at 231 Windy Ridge Ln

Recycling out 10 days early. Repeat offender
OPENED 10 days ago #17-00022714

Other at 14 Williamson Park Dr

Trash container still on street. It is not being removed on Thursday evening like its suppose to be. Have reported this several times.
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 14 days ago #17-00022024

Other at 164 Robinhood Ln

Trash can was only half emptied! This is second week this has happened. It isn't stuck in can are they not lifting it high enough? Very disappointed.
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 15 days ago #17-00022222
Other at 164 Robinhood Ln

Other at 15 Robinson Dr

Large tree limb hanging over the roadway about to breakPer Codes, this is not an issue they can handle; submitted Parks Tree request, DJR, 8/8/17, #22285.
CLOSED Closed with status: Submitted via iPhone - 15 days ago #17-00022069

Other at 906 Center Ave

Life Day Treatment is in business opening in a residential area at 905 Center Avenue. What's the city code for operating a business in a residential area?
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 15 days ago #17-00022054
Other at 906 Center Ave

Other at 290 Batson Dr

Big pile of garbage in the street a week before pick up
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 16 days ago #17-00021745

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