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Other at 230 MAPLE AVE

Citizen complaint of petroleum product in front of 226 Maple Ave.
OPENED 5 days ago #18-00037701
Other at 230 MAPLE AVE

Streetlights at 145 BRIDLE LN

Light not functioning
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 5 days ago #18-00037667

Street Repairs at 788 WINSLOW DR

Small pothole in the middle of the intersection
OPENED 5 days ago #18-00037669

Street Repairs at 13540 JEFFERSON AVE

Pothole in the turn lane
OPENED 5 days ago #18-00037668

Streetlights at 327 SADDLER DR

3 street lights are out.
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 6 days ago #18-00037502

Street Repairs at 14628 WARWICK BLVD

The road is sinking in the right hand lane heading west bound on old courthouse way beside Belgian waffle and steak house
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 8 days ago #18-00037147

Other at 730 TERRACE DR

Two vehicles blocking public access to get to ditch
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 8 days ago #18-00037153

Storm Drains at 723 TERRACE DR

Aluminum shed in the ditch behind 723 Terrace Drive
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 8 days ago #18-00037152

Street Repairs at 11 WILLIAMSON PARK DR

Road repair needed2nd requestI put in a request 22 days ago and they came and worked up the patch that had broken up but have not been back to repair it. I have health issues with balance and cannot walk on pavement that is not smooth....
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 13 days ago #18-00035253

Traffic Signs at 200 NORMANDY LN

Almost hit for the 3rd time today. Cars on Maxwell heading towards Warwick don't realize it's a 3-way stop and NOT a 4-way stop. They pull thru the intersection as I'm attempting to turn left from Maxwell onto Normandy. Almost saw 3 othe...
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 13 days ago #17-00033066

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