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Other at 324 Wells Rd

Ditch from 318 Weels Rd to 328 Wells Rd. Fills with water and is very slow to drain causing flooding into the yards and front porches. There's a pipe under the entrance to Don Eve Ct that needs to be cleaned of debris.
CLOSED 7 days ago #22-00033230
Other at 324 Wells Rd

Storm Drains at 6004 Old Chestnut Ave

Ditch is eating driveway away been asking for help since 2016 and nothing l sent pictures on the other times l sent in a request it only gotten worse
CLOSED 7 days ago #22-00011452

Storm Drains at 123 Hull St

Drainage ditch after the last heavy rain we had the water stood in the ditch not draining I had to get out and dig beside my driveway my neighbor's ditch still had standing water also The dishes are not sloped to drain properly plus under...
CLOSED 12 days ago #20-00030667

Other at 118 James River Dr

Missed recycling pickup. Please send truck to pickup recycling. Thank you.
CLOSED 12 days ago #22-00041982

Traffic Signals at 563 Bland Blvd

Traffic signal for the left turn on westbound Bland Blvd at Chatham Dr isn't cycling.
CLOSED 12 days ago #22-00040937

Streetlights at 217 Kingwood Dr

Light is out
CLOSED 13 days ago #22-00042108

Traffic Signals at 12422 Warwick Blvd

The traffic light for traffic coming from Hiden Blvd stays green a lot longer than it appears that it needs to (stays green when no traffic is coming through the intersection).
CLOSED 13 days ago #22-00041666

Other at 71 Maxwell Ln

This submission is a follow up to request 22-0038462 which is now closed. The person who had illegally placed personal flags on city utility poles finally removed them only to put them on a different public utility pole about 20-30 feet...
OPENED 13 days ago #22-00042016

Litter/Illegal Dumping at 57 Crestwood Dr

Dead tree branches fell and were partially cut up and left out at front curbside.
CLOSED 13 days ago #22-00041948
Litter/Illegal Dumping at 57 Crestwood Dr

Other at 7104 Chestnut Ave

Backed up last time it was on the cityline.
OPENED 15 days ago #22-00041837
Other at 7104 Chestnut Ave

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