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Traffic Signals at 1 BAYPORT WAY

Red light out at the intersection of canon and oyster point
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 25 days ago #19-00022109

Traffic Signals at 1 OLD OYSTER POINT RD

Red light bulb out
CLOSED Submitted via Android - about 1 month ago #19-00020198

Traffic Signals at 3950 CAMPBELL RD

Traffic light facing Campbell road south.
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 3 months ago #19-00016580

Traffic Signals at 700 OYSTER POINT RD

Blinking yellow left turn light (into village green) during rush hour- there is no visibility when cars are trying to turn left into tech center and you are trying to turn into village green. Depending on the size of the vehicle and where...
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 4 months ago #19-00005974

Traffic Signals at 12515 JEFFERSON AVE

Left red light on Jefferson (northbound) at Bland is very long late in evening, no opposing traffic. Could be reduced or controlled by sensor. Perfect example is Warwick (northbound) left light at Denbigh - love that one.
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 5 months ago #19-00007903

Traffic Signals at 15435 WARWICK BLVD

Turn lane light - consider adding flashing yellow
OPENED 5 months ago #19-00006234

Traffic Signals at 2400 WASHINGTON AVE

Traffic light fixture at intersection on Center Ave and Jefferson Ave is broken in half leaving the green light dangling on by a wire.
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 6 months ago #19-00003390

Traffic Signals at 12740 PATRICK HENRY DR

It hardly changes to green compared to the other direction, and when it finally does change it's not for long. It's one we avoid at all costs now.
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 6 months ago #19-00001834

Traffic Signals at 2234 WHITE HOUSE CV

Cross walk button continues to make noise when no one is pushing the button. It is going off all night and alerts my dogs. On the Brick Kiln/Claymill Corner intersection.
CLOSED Closed with status: Submitted via iPhone - 6 months ago #19-00000651

Traffic Signals at 231 DENBIGH BLVD

School zone signal
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 8 months ago #18-00041469

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