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Traffic Signals at 793 J Clyde Morris Blvd

At 5:32 PM on Friday the street light For the straight / right turn lane leaving tech center on CRISTON would not change to green. This is the light on the Oyster Pt Side of tech center. Not the first time this has happened. Someone e...
CLOSED about 19 hours ago #21-00037663

Traffic Signals at 12922 Jefferson Ave

This traffic light consistently gives a protected arrow into the dealerships even though there is never any traffic in the lane.
OPENED 5 days ago #21-00037399
Traffic Signals at 12922 Jefferson Ave

Traffic Signals at 12980 Warwick Blvd

The timing on the traffic light at Oyster Point and Warwick is horribly inefficient. By the time the long line of traffic going westbound on Warwick Blvd begins to move, the light is already beginning its process of cycling.
CLOSED 7 days ago #21-00037072

Traffic Signals at 12997 Green Grove Ln

Traffic signal at Jefferson and Green Grove/Carmax regularly trips for cross traffic and then gives protected arrows to both turn lanes on Jefferson when no traffic is present in the turn lanes.
CLOSED 13 days ago #21-00027915

Traffic Signals at 4600 Washington Ave

Need new traffic signal installed
OPENED about 1 month ago #21-00030674

Traffic Signals at 501 Atkinson Blvd

The traffic light at Atkinson Blvd and the refuse site trips a lot for the road coming from the refuse site when nobody is there and then a protected green going into the refuse site when nobody is there.
CLOSED 2 months ago #21-00016316

Traffic Signals at 15400 Warwick Blvd

According to the picture you've taken, it appears that you are referring to the old traffic signal and not the new one. The old traffic signal is no longer operational. The traffic signals straight ahead in the attached picture that has t...
CLOSED 2 months ago #21-00027901
Traffic Signals at 15400 Warwick Blvd

Traffic Signals at 14700 Warwick Blvd

The protected arrow for traffic turning left onto Old Courthouse Road towards the library from Warwick Blvd westbound gives the green light a lot of times even though there are no cars present.
CLOSED 3 months ago #21-00018978

Traffic Signals at 12170 Warwick Blvd

Traffic light stuck on red leaving hospital!a
CLOSED 3 months ago #21-00018768

Traffic Signals at 4 Lancelot Ct

Traffic light at Denbigh & Lucas Creek doesn't change unless the vehicle is so close to it, the driver can no longer see the light because they are beneath it. The sensor on this light needs to be cleaned or replaced to avoid traffic jams...
CLOSED 3 months ago #21-00022991

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