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Traffic Signals at 850 Garrow Rd

Please consider doing away with flashing turn arrows along Warwick during peak hours. Cars pull out in front of oncoming traffic constantly. In addition to tree/shrub barriers obscuring vision of north and southbound lanes. Cars have g...
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - about 1 month ago #16-00035914

Traffic Signals at 12961 JEFFERSON AVE

Signal is false calling again and staying green for extended times where there are no cars coming off Green Grove or out of CarMax. Even when there are vehicles on Jefferson. This occurs every night after 9pm
CLOSED Submitted via Android - about 1 month ago #18-00030623

Traffic Signals at 620 HARPERSVILLE RD

Light at groome and Harpersville is holding way too long
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 3 months ago #18-00025007

Traffic Signals at 13684 WARWICK BLVD

The signal for northbound Warwick traffic at bland needs to run longer when reduced to one lane.
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 4 months ago #18-00021900

Traffic Signals at 42 MAXWELL LN

from 1624 to 1631 i sat in the left turning lane with a red arrow, through 3 cycles of lights, trying to go north on Warwick. With 10+ cars behind me, i finally went straight and made a u-turn to get thru the light. Horrible.
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 4 months ago #18-00015778

Traffic Signals at 233 DENBIGH BLVD

School zone signal
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 5 months ago #18-00015657

Traffic Signals at 10725 JEFFERSON AVE

Only lets about five cars go through while the car is going straight. Jefferson Avenue get about 20 or 30 cars going through
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 6 months ago #18-00012693

Traffic Signals at 11139 WARWICK BLVD

When approaching the light in the left turn lane from Harpersville at night headlights illuminate the route 60 sign and cause the light to think there is also a vehicle trying to pull out of the businesses in the opposite side. The result...
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 6 months ago #18-00012126

Traffic Signals at 417 J CLYDE MORRIS BLVD

Light not changing
CLOSED Submitted via Android - 7 months ago #18-00007707
Traffic Signals at 417 J CLYDE MORRIS BLVD

Traffic Signals at 12101 JEFFERSON AVE

Eastbound light not operating properly. Stays green for 10 seconds or less. This morning, it stayed red through 3 cycles of green/reds for all other directions of travel. Delayed me 10 minutes this morning (6:05-6:15)
CLOSED Submitted via iPhone - 8 months ago #18-00004630

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