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Traffic Signals at 12443 Jefferson Ave

Please install a protected turn / U turn signal at Jeff Ave EB (south) and Habersham. Coming out of Cookout and using that turn lane is a death sentence!
OPENED 6 months ago #22-00018002

Traffic Signals at 56 Post St

Can we get traffic calming devices on Post St between Warwick & River Rd. People fly through there when the kids are walk to/from school and at night. It's really unsafe.
OPENED 6 months ago #22-00017883

Traffic Signals at 4600 Washington Ave

Need new traffic signal installed
OPENED over 1 year ago #21-00030674

Traffic Signals at 4514 Huntington Ave

Need a new traffic signal installed at 46th and Huntington for protection of pedestrians. Too many are playing chicken with traffic.
OPENED over 1 year ago #21-00010250


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